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The Cancer Treatment So Successful - Traditional Doctors SHUT it Down

This doctor's patients survived 51x longer than average... but medical journals and researchers want him gone! His discoveries show that certain foods fight certain types of tumors... why you...

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Top Four Household Factors That Can Influence Your Cancer Risk

24 May 2017 | 126,205 Views

Most are completely oblivious about the fact they're slowly poisoning themselves on a daily basis by not knowing about these 4 concealed enemies lurking in their home, which are boosting their risk of cancer a little bit every single day.

Antibiotics Increase Bowel Cancer Rates

18 Apr 2017 | 34,730 Views

Taking antibiotics wipes out the bacteria in your gut, leading to imbalances that may affect your risk of chronic diseases like cancer. New research suggests altering your microbiome via antibiotics may even increase the development of precancerous growths in your colon, known as polyps.

Thyroid Cancer Rates Are Skyrocketing From Flame Retardants

18 Apr 2017 | 27,929 Views

Thyroid cancer is the most rapidly increasing type of cancer in the US, a rise that's often blamed on increased screening. However, emerging research suggests the quickly growing rates of thyroid cancer may be due to environmental factors, including exposure to toxic chemicals like flame retardants in your household dust.

Vitamin C Doubles Effectiveness of Chemotherapy and Radiation

17 Apr 2017 | 259,497 Views

If you or a loved one is dealing with cancer, make sure this is part of the treatment protocol. It selectively targets cancer cells and strikes at their core, making them far more vulnerable, while leaving healthy tissue unharmed. In one study of lung cancer patients, 98 percent responded to treatment instead of the usual 40 percent.

Surprising Discovery Reveals How Broccoli Fights Cancer

03 Apr 2017 | 314,717 Views

It contains a substance which triggers programmed cell death in colon, prostate, breast and tobacco-induced lung cancer cells. But if you eat it raw, you'll only get about 12 percent of the benefits, so cook it like this for under 5 minutes instead.

Why Colon Cancer Scare Is Fake News

22 Mar 2017 | 210,452 Views

Incidence of this life-threatening cancer (not breast) has soared, but please don't get tested. As many as 15,000 are dying from this routine screening each year, and numbers are likely to increase further if these guidelines are changed based on the latest fear tactics.

Vitamin C May Be a Potent Adjunct to Cancer Treatment

06 Mar 2017 | 335,002 Views

The secret lies in the fact it triggers this, which has a pro-oxidant effect that kills cancer cells while leaving normal tissues unharmed. What's more, it's also good for your heart, blood vessels and lungs and can even protect your vision.

Fermented Foods May Be a Key Component of an Anti-Cancer Diet

13 Feb 2017 | 299,460 Views

If you haven't yet discovered these foods, you may be missing out on one of the best-kept secrets for inhibiting cancers of the colon, breast, liver, small intestine and other organs. One of the ways they work is by creating a short-chain fatty acid that turns on the programmed cell death of colon cancer cells.

The Importance of Enzymes for Health, Longevity and Chronic Disease Prevention

30 Jan 2017 | 214,228 Views

Your levels of this get shattered as you age, so you need to eat more foods that contain these catalysts, which accelerate biochemical reactions to happen in your body that can optimize digestion and nutrient uptake, boost athletic endurance and even fight cancer.

Can Capsaicin in Chili Peppers Help Beat Cancer?

16 Jan 2017 | 58,345 Views

The American Cancer Society estimates there will be three new diagnoses of cancer and one death every minute in 2017. Recent research has demonstrated a substance found in a specific pepper may help kill cancer cells. I'll give you more strategies to help prevent the growth of abnormal cells.


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