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Cancer Articles

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New Research Suggests Benefits of Mammography May Be Overstated While Risks Are Underestimated

07 Jul 2014 | 44,229 Views

With 2 new studies released, this doctor-recommended cancer screening is under renewed fire. Now even mainstream media is admitting the risks can't be ignored as it results in 30% over-diagnosis and over-treatment, with an absolute cancer risk increase of 0.5%.

The Who, Why, and When of Vitamin D Screening

07 Jul 2014 | 243,730 Views

It helps kill cancer cells and it helps shut down its food supply. It helps prevent and treat existing cancers. And one expert believes that as much as 90% of ordinary breast cancer may actually be linked to a deficiency in this stellar nutrient. Make sure you don't run low.

Top Tips to Decrease Your Breast Cancer Risk

02 Jun 2014 | 303,708 Views

It's found in the bodies of 90% of Americans and you're likely exposed to it for many hours every day. And the worst part, you've been tricked into believing it's necessary for your safety. Find out if one of the biggest sources of this cancer trigger is in your home now.

Preventable Factors Cause Majority of US Deaths

14 May 2014 | 233,149 Views

This cause of early death even trumps smoking and lack of exercise, but nearly no one ever points a finger at them. 95% of food dollars are spent on foods containing one or more of these ingredients, even though they've been proven to fuel chronic disease.

Brussels Sprouts: A Superfood with Cancer-Fighting Potential

12 May 2014 | 48,619 Views

Brussels sprouts are the definition of ‘nutrient-dense superfood’ – and if you cook them correctly, they’re incredibly tasty, too.

New Studies Show Optimizing Vitamin D Levels May Double Chances of Surviving Breast Cancer, Lower LDL Cholesterol, and Helps Prevent Autism

13 Apr 2014 | 287,206 Views

Instead of running off for a mammogram, try checking your levels of this. Previous research has shown it can lower your risk by 50% and a recent study has found those who had higher levels were twice as likely to survive the disease than those with lower levels.

157 Peer Reviews Fail to Catch Fake Cancer Study

27 Mar 2014 | 167,243 Views

This has opened up unprecedented access to information that used to be too pricey for individuals. But just because it's so cheap and readily available doesn't mean you should throw caution to the wind. Watch out for this serious caveat.

FDA Denies Hope for Dying Kids, and Other Abuses Waged Against Families Struggling to Help Their Ailing Children

25 Mar 2014 | 149,971 Views

It sent this incurable brain tumor into full remission with no toxic side effects, yet the FDA is blocking this treatment. Here are the dark reasons why.

Could Mushrooms Aid in the Treatment of Cancer?

15 Mar 2014 | 69,483 Views

Mushrooms are now being studied for their potent medicinal properties that have been valued since ancient times.

Teen's Heartwarming Message in Snow to Mom

27 Feb 2014 | 82,682 Views

A thoughtful teenager treks out a meaningful snow message to his mom, who is in the hospital being treated for cancer.


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