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Terminal Cancer Patient Who Sued Monsanto Gets His Day in Court

03 Jul 2018 | 176,549 Views

It still lines store shelves, even though it's been classified as a probable human carcinogen based on limited evidence showing it can cause non-Hodgkin lymphoma and lung tumors in humans. Recent tests show it kills human cells the way it's commonly formulated. Is it still sitting in your garage or shed?

Is Black Salve a Problem or a Solution?

02 Jul 2018 | 21,645 Views

Not only is 'let the buyer beware' a warning for people looking seriously at skin lesion-healing products marketed under the name 'black salve,' but viewers of the featured video should be, too, as the graphics are rather disturbing. A far safer (and possibly more face-saving) approach: Eggplant extract, known as BEC and BEC5.

CRISPR Gene Editing Can Trigger Cancer, Two Studies Warn

26 Jun 2018 | 98,237 Views

They lauded it as a way to remove, add or alter DNA - very precisely. But precision doesn't mean it's void of unintended consequences, as two recent studies warned after they found carcinogenic potential turns it into a ticking time bomb. Experts are highly concerned about this.

Chemotherapy Is Losing Its Luster

20 Jun 2018 | 164,939 Views

Survival rate found to be nearly identical whether you accept or reject this controversial treatment. And it actually hastens death if you're already severely ill. Plus a decade-old study shows an appallingly low 2 percent survival rate overall. So should you stand up to your doctor on this?

Early Microbial Exposure Prevents Leukemia

05 Jun 2018 | 20,372 Views

Researchers uncovered a microbial link to acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Lack of exposure to common infections in the first 12 months of life may increase children's risk of later developing an infection that triggers ALL, leading researchers to suggest that it may be preventable.

Can Cannabis Fight Tumors?

16 May 2018 | 217,052 Views

And for this type of tumor, it reduced the spread or metastasis better than the agent, too. This plant isn't new, it has a long history as a painkiller. But the oddest part is that it's almost like your body was made for it. Naturally occurring receptors are embedded in cell membranes throughout your body, including your brain and lungs.

Brain Tumors Double, Prompt Warning on Cellphones

15 May 2018 | 34,591 Views

Rates of an aggressive form of brain tumor have increased significantly over the last two decades, at a rate that cannot be fully explained by chance. The most likely cause, according to researchers, is cellphone usage, echoing an accumulating number of studies highlighting the real dangers of cellphones.

Daffodils Contain Potent Alkaloid

12 Mar 2018 | 14,754 Views

Although the plant itself is highly toxic, researchers have isolated a potent alkaloid in daffodils that possesses disease-fighting properties. The natural alkaloid called haemanthamine inhibits the protein production these cells require to grow and thrive.

Teflon - The Devil We Know

28 Feb 2018 | 52,096 Views

'Better Living Through Chemistry' has resulted in deadly health conditions across the Ohio Valley. The master manipulation and deception of DuPont is chronicled in a Sundance Film Festival release depicting the lives of those who fought for justice.

How Metabolic Therapies Prevent and Treat Chronic Diseases

02 Dec 2017 | 296,226 Views

They've said for years that the cause was unknown. So imagine their surprise when they discovered something totally different. It's actually responsive to various therapies related to this pivotal therapy. And you owe it to yourself and your brain to get in on this fast.