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A flavonoid a day keeps the doctor away

26 Aug 2019

Imagine finding a simple way to ward off diseases and infection - and potentially live longer - just by eating flavonoid-containing foods. More than 6,000 distinct flavonoids have been identified, and every one communicates a unique benefit to your body. Found in fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs, they're not just good for you, but essential for optimal health.

Dietary intake of vitamin A may prevent skin malignancy

19 Aug 2019

Vitamin A comes in two forms: carotenoids and retinoids. Research has found those getting the most from their dietary intake also had the lowest risk of skin malignancy. But, vitamin A does more than protect your skin and promote healthy aging. While supplementation may not be recommended, there are easy ways to get enough from your food.

Chemo could spread disease and create more aggressive tumors

24 Jul 2019

Mammary tumors not only are among the most commonly found tumors, but conditions in which neoadjuvant treatment may be recommended before removal. However, it's important to consider these facts before determining the treatment you pursue.

How to deal with a life changing diagnosis

18 Jul 2019

Life sometimes sucks. Which is exactly when you as a friend or loved one may become totally speechless. This survivor tells what to say to someone struggling with a tumor (or any awful) diagnosis. And since actions speak louder than words, what actions are most needed.

The metabolic approach to cancer treatment

30 Jun 2019

Thousands die from it every day, so do this quickly to identify three critical measurements and find out exactly how advanced this life-threatening disease is, how much of a handle you have on the disease and how well you're progressing as you go through treatment.

The most dangerous 'nonprofit' harming your health

19 Jun 2019

One nonprofit organization has exerted significant influence worldwide on public policy and nutritional guidelines. Recently unveiled documents demonstrate its links to Coca-Cola and other food giants. Eating real food is your best option.

Ultraprocessed foods increase risk of death by 62%

12 Jun 2019

A mounting body of evidence shows ultraprocessed food increases your risk of heart disease and premature death, contributing to the cost of medical care. Your nutrition is a key factor in your health and making simple changes may help.

Bayer Hunts Down Journalists

04 Jun 2019

A leading chemical company engaged in a 'stakeholder mapping project,' collecting personal data about journalists, politicians and scientists, including their names and opinions about pesticides and genetic engineering. Bayer, which acquired the company in 2018, is now investigating the 'completely inappropriate' stalking.

Top Nutrients to Protect Your Skin From Summer Sun

03 Jun 2019

Improve your skin's natural protection against the harmful effects of UV radiation from the sun and boost skin health with this inside-out strategy. Because you won't be blocking UV rays from striking your skin like what happens when you apply sunscreen, you’ll still produce valuable vitamin D.

Regenerative Farming: Restoring Soil Health and Saving Americans From Cancer, Chronic Disease

01 Jun 2019

The epidemic of this disease in recent times is so severe, it's comparable to the nuclear catastrophe that occurred at Chernobyl. However, these two pioneers have a solution for reversing the attack - and it has nothing to do with doctors or supplements.