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Melanoma Is a Disease of Office Workers

12 Dec 2018

Vitamin D deficiency, known to contribute to chronic disease, is the result of avoiding sunlight. Two potential reasons the most aggressive skin disease is more frequently found in office workers may be related to work environment.

Mannose: This Sugar Has Incredible Benefits

10 Dec 2018

The simple sugar mannose has been shown to reduce the size of malignant tumors in lab mice as well as boost the effectiveness of chemotherapy medications. Naturally occurring in cranberries and other whole foods, mannose is commonly used in supplement form to treat urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Boost Your Metabolism With a Cyclical Ketogenic Diet...

03 Dec 2018

There may be nothing better for your midsection than cutting down your consumption of this. Those eating 20 grams daily incinerated 250 more calories than those eating 60 grams. Even exercise can't match it - just take a look at these military statistics.

Government Study Finds ‘Clear Evidence’ for Heart Tumors From Cellphone Radiation

14 Nov 2018

Just because everyone does it, it doesn't mean this 'possible carcinogen' isn't putting both your brain and heart on the chopping block. A government study has just found 'clear evidence,' you can no longer stick your head in the sand and pretend it's not true.

Researchers Find Microplastics in Stool Samples

07 Nov 2018

You probably intuitively do this every day, but it can pummel your health, especially your gut, colon and liver. May even escape barriers to wreak havoc on your lymphatic system and elsewhere, even to the wider environment. Can we change course soon enough to save lives?

Mistletoe Injections for Tumor Treatment

07 Nov 2018

Mistletoe extract, used in Europe for the tumor treatment, was part of Suzanne Somers' disease management. Since chemotherapy may increase tumor cell aggression, you may wish to consider several natural treatment options.

14 Health Benefits of Spirulina Powder

05 Nov 2018

If you blasted off into space and could take only one food, it might be this, as NASA considers feeding it to astronauts on possible missions to Mars. With plentiful antioxidants and protein, it requires 10 times less water than other vegetables to produce and can be harvested year-round.

Resveratrol Causes Rogue Cells to Self-Destruct

22 Oct 2018

A new study suggests the grape constituent resveratrol may be useful in the treatment of malignant lung disease - one of the deadliest diseases in the world, having claimed more than 1.7 million lives so far in 2018.

The Monsanto Papers

20 Oct 2018

All sorts of absurd safety claims have been made about this substance you're probably in contact with in one way or another on a daily basis. But if it's biodegradable and safe enough to drink, why are there 9,000 pending legal cases claiming it causes this insidious disease?

How Curcumin Targets Cancer

17 Sep 2018

Though different tumors have diverse molecular pathologies and you wouldn't expect one herb would work for almost all of them, you’d be wrong. This one is amazingly versatile. Is it part of your antitumor strategy?