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Top Tips to Optimize Your Mitochondrial Health

15 Dec 2019

Combat any genetic predisposition toward tumors, optimize your mitochondrial health, and starve tumor cells into oblivion. Most oncologists don't know about or talk about this. You owe it to yourself to find out.

Why Glucose Restrictions Are Essential in Treating Cancer

08 Dec 2019

The procedure recommended by most doctors might not always be a good option, as it could turn a potentially benign situation into a malignant one.

What to Do if You're Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

31 Oct 2019

When faced with a cancer diagnosis, it's easy to panic and lose sight of the big picture. Most immediately start by doing this, however it can significantly reduce your odds of remission according to many experts. Here's one of the best tools you should reach for first.

The Role of Fungus in Cancer

23 Oct 2019

One of the reasons he was shamed for having me on the show was because I had at one time published a novel hypothesis - that one of the world's deadliest diseases could be caused by a common fungi and might be treatable with this powder. Has science finally caught up?

Is a Colonoscopy Worth the Risk?

16 Oct 2019

There are several pitfalls associated with a colonoscopy, not the least of which is death. One international team of experts weighed the evidence to determine the risk-benefit ratio. You may be surprised by the results. You'll want to take these precautions when undergoing a colonoscopy.

Vitamin A Can Save Your Skin

14 Oct 2019

Recent data show eating the equivalent of two large carrots each day may be enough to reduce your risk of skin damage. Vitamin D, vitamin B3 and astaxanthin offer additional benefits; I'll share how to easily enjoy those advantages.

Cancer and the New Biology of Water

13 Oct 2019

Could tumors be caused by a problem with the water in your cells? According to this physician, the core cause of malignancy may not be your genes or even your cells' mitochondria. Rather, the cytoplasm, or the structured water in your cells, may be to blame.

Garlic and Onion Help Prevent Mammary Tumors

07 Oct 2019

Garlic and onions are frequently used to season food. One study found women who dined daily on raw garlic and onion experienced a 67% reduction in risk of mammary tumors. While mortality rates are declining, incidence is rising. Sofrito may be a tasty way of adding these raw ingredients into your daily routine.

A flavonoid a day keeps the doctor away

26 Aug 2019

Imagine finding a simple way to ward off diseases and infection - and potentially live longer - just by eating flavonoid-containing foods. More than 6,000 distinct flavonoids have been identified, and every one communicates a unique benefit to your body. Found in fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs, they're not just good for you, but essential for optimal health.

Dietary intake of vitamin A may prevent skin malignancy

19 Aug 2019

Vitamin A comes in two forms: carotenoids and retinoids. Research has found those getting the most from their dietary intake also had the lowest risk of skin malignancy. But, vitamin A does more than protect your skin and promote healthy aging. While supplementation may not be recommended, there are easy ways to get enough from your food.