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Mammography: The War on Women's Breasts

10 Oct 2020

The billion-dollar industry wants you to believe it's a vital and harmless screening. Potentially safer options do exist, but the industry fights to prevent their widespread use. Get the science-supported facts to safeguard your health.

Bee Venom Could Kill Some Tumor Cells

03 Oct 2020

Melittin, an amino acid peptide found in honeybee venom, has powerful antitumor properties that may help to treat some of the most aggressive and difficult-to-treat forms of this common, chronic disease.

Niacin Study Shows Promise to Slow Abnormal Growth

13 Apr 2020

Niacin may invigorate your immune system, helping to slow the growth of this type of abnormal growth. Avoid the side effects and consider metabolic strategies too.

Why We Minimize Risks of Alcohol

25 Mar 2020

Alcohol is an accepted part of most societies yet may be among the most dangerous substances, illegal or legal, that exist. The alcohol lobby has buried the harms with favorable media spin.

Symptoms of Prostate Disease You May Have Overlooked

06 Mar 2020

You may not experience symptoms of prostate disease until it has progressed. It's important to watch for these signs and consider your diagnostic and treatment options carefully.

What Are the Health Benefits of Galangal?

02 Mar 2020

Galangal, in the same family as ginger, has an important role in the prevention of conditions such as obesity, hyperlipidemia, diabetes and neurodegenerative disorders. There are three kinds of galangal, all offering health benefits.

Top Tips to Optimize Your Mitochondrial Health

15 Dec 2019

Combat any genetic predisposition toward tumors, optimize your mitochondrial health, and starve tumor cells into oblivion. Most oncologists don't know about or talk about this. You owe it to yourself to find out.

Why Glucose Restrictions Are Essential in Treating Cancer

08 Dec 2019

The procedure recommended by most doctors might not always be a good option, as it could turn a potentially benign situation into a malignant one.

What to Do if You're Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

31 Oct 2019

When faced with a cancer diagnosis, it's easy to panic and lose sight of the big picture. Most immediately start by doing this, however it can significantly reduce your odds of remission according to many experts. Here's one of the best tools you should reach for first.

The Role of Fungus in Cancer

23 Oct 2019

One of the reasons he was shamed for having me on the show was because I had at one time published a novel hypothesis - that one of the world's deadliest diseases could be caused by a common fungi and might be treatable with this powder. Has science finally caught up?