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Bayer Ordered to Pay $2 Billion in Third Roundup Lawsuit

21 May 2019

The third verdict is in, and Bayer is slapped with a $2-billion verdict because a jury ruled Roundup herbicide caused chronic disease in two more victims. This time, a husband and wife both developed Non-Hodgkin lymphoma after using the chemical for decades.

Why Glucose and Glutamine Restrictions Are Essential in the Treatment of Cancer

19 May 2019

It's not the way to detect - or manage - a tumor, even a benign one. Offers no inherent value and a whole lot of risk. Especially risk of turning marginally aggressive tumor cells into wildly aggressive ones. Instead, do this first. Typically, it will shrink and become less aggressive.

Bayer Loses Third Trial - Jury Awards $2 Billion!

14 May 2019

Bayer's $63 billion pesticide company merger in 2018 came riddled with liability in the form of glyphosate's toxic legacy. As courts continue to award multimillion-dollar judgments to those who have been harmed by this chemical, investors expressed their dismay with Bayer's management decisions.

Cell Tower Removed From Schoolyard Due to Cluster of Cancer Cases

16 Apr 2019

A death-dealing disease is spreading like a common cold at this school, yet we're about to leave almost everyone open to this toxin despite warnings of the hazards from both doctors and scientists. Here are 20 facts you must know.

Fasting Shown to Drastically Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer

11 Apr 2019

Research suggests it drastically reduces a woman's risk of a tumor, while also releasing a substance into your bloodstream that helps preserve your brain and ward off neurodegenerative diseases. Just make sure you steer clear of this.

New Study, Avoid Drinking Very Hot Beverages

06 Apr 2019

Data again reveal drinking hot beverages increases your risk of developing esophageal disease, likely from repeated irritation to the lining. However, don't overlook the health benefits of drinking coffee and tea at healthier temperatures.

Case Study Shows CBD Shrinks Tumor

18 Mar 2019

CBD oil, a nonpsychoactive cannabinoid, was instrumental in shrinking lung tumors, a recent case study shows. Your body has cannabinoid receptors, meaning your body produces them. I'll share strategies to naturally boost these endogenous compounds.

Seven Principles of Cancer Treatment

03 Mar 2019

They were virtually handed a death sentence, but after following this comprehensive, customized nontoxic seven-step approach, the survival rate after two years, and even five years, has been extraordinary - so important, considering 1,600 die from it every day.

Processed Foods Lead to Cancer and Early Death

27 Feb 2019

The more you eat it, the sooner you'll die. Death risk spikes 14 percent for each 10 percent increase in these foods - making it one of the worst things you could eat or drink. And millennials are seeing a greater disease spike than their parents. How you can evade this death trap.

Why Flight Attendants Are More Prone to Cancer Than the General Population

27 Feb 2019

Researchers were stunned. Despite having fairly healthy lifestyles, these people are at far greater risk of potentially deadly outcomes than most. But they're not the only ones. Are you in either of these risk groups?